Thank you for all your continued support and help in spreading the word thus far. Remember if the campaign reaches $2,000 by the end of this week I will reveal the new poster for the show. If it reaches $3,000 I will show the opening scene. The person who refers the page the most by the end of the campaign will receive a print out of the new poster signed by myself and cast members.
Exciting Stuff ahead folks. Keep On Rockin in the Free World my friends!

Life’s A Pitch Indiegogo Campaign

A Huge Thank You! Goes out to the following people for their amazing contributions to the Life’s A Pitch crowd funding campaign.

Frank R. Richter

George and Donna Chandler

Melissa Bowden

Avi Shafshak

The first Love and Disorder poster. Love and Disorder premieres this Saturday, September, 28th. Check it out at the SoCal Film Festival in Huntington Beach and meet Director C.S. Chandler and lead man Josh Adkins.

Love and Disorder Promo Poster

It has been a week now since the Life’s A Pitch Indiegogo campaign has gone live and we have had some amazing people chip in already. Thank you to:

Elliot Kurland

Connie Lugeanbeal

Chris Durkin

Nancy Watson

Alec Gold

Celeste Fine

Richard Schnauthiel

If you haven’t donated or shared the page, there is still plenty of time. Please check it out and share with anyone you know.

Iron Road Productions’ next project Life’s A Pitch is a TV Series that follows a musician’s dream to become a Rock Star. The script to the Pilot has just been copyrighted and now steps into the phase of getting funded. Spread the word so as many people can know about this project.

Life’s A Pitch Indiegogo-

Life's A Pitch Dream Poster


Breaking News – Love and Disorder has made it into it’s first film festival, the SoCal Indie Film Fest. Keep an eye out for more details.

Keep an eye out for the latest films of Iron Road Productions, Directed by C.S. Chandler: Love and Disorder, Eye See, and Tasty Relationship.

If you are in the area come May 3rd – May 4th in Minnesota, check out the screening of Conscious at the Speechless International Film Festival.