Iron Road Productions is focused on film for the "Workingman".
Iron Road Productions is a film production company crafted by Colorado native C.S. Chandler in the hopes of building a well-known name in Cinema.
It was inspired by a Winter Percussion Ensemble show C.S. Chandler was a part of, entitled "Iron Road". The show took away 4th in the nation at the WGI Winter Nationals and was about the merging of the Transcontinental Railroad and the struggles the workers faced while trying to meet demanding deadlines. While deciding his production company name, it was this idea that stuck with C.S. Chandler and became the brand he is known for today.
Iron Road Productions' main goal is to create inspiring visual pieces that the "Workingman" can enjoy. This effort to create high quality entertainment has landed Iron Road Productions in film festivals, such as the Speechless International Film Festival and the Indie Gathering Film Festival for the Music Film, Conscious (2012). While Iron Road Productions has mainly created works in short form, it will be delving into TV with The Untitled C.S. Chandler Project, which is an original TV Series that examines the underbelly of the music scene with a primary focus on Rock Music.
C.S. Chandler-

Born Christopher Steven Chandler in the town of Longmont, Colorado on September 17, 1986. He first knew he wanted to be in film when he saw Robert Zemeckis' "Back to the Future" (1985). C.S. Chandler graduated from the University of Colorado - Boulder in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies. Before graduating, he traveled to New Zealand, where he lived in the city of Hamilton on the north island in 2008. There, he studied digital production and filmmaking at the University of Waikato.

After his time as an undergrad, he worked in the independent film circuit, where he was an Assistant Camera Operator on a NOVA documentary. He edited podcasts, was an onset Stills Photographer and Behind-the-Scenes Camera Operator on the feature film, "The Legacy of the Tengu" (2014), starring James Lew and Louis Mandylor. He was a Production Assistant on Bridezillas, and a DIT (Digital Imaging Technician), Behind-the-Scenes Director, and Camera Operator for the feature film, "Mind's Eye" (2013) starring Natalie Distler, Izzie Steel, Malcolm McDowell, and Dean Cain. In 2011, he moved to California to become an established filmmaker in the likes of Spielberg or Zemeckis.

In 2012, C.S. Chandler directed a music video for the local Colorado band Lamia of the Pool, entitled "Conscious" (2012), which competed in festivals such as the Speechless International Film Festival and The Indie Gathering Film Festival and Convention where it took home 2nd place for best Rock Music Video. He is currently working on a TV series he created called "Life’s A Pitch" which stars Jason James Richter from "Free Willy" (1993). The show is a half-hour dramedy about the underbelly of the music industry and what it takes to rise from the bottom to the top.
Apart from directing, C.S. Chandler has also acquired a keen eye for Cinematography and Photography. He has been the Director of Photography on many shorts, such as "To Each Their Own" (2013), YouTube's Arika's Beautiful Haunting, and "Benders" (2015). Photography is also a great passion for C.S. Chandler and he has developed a keen eye for breath taking photography that can be used for any event. You can find both C.S. Chandler's Cinematography and Directing Reels on the "Video" page of the website and his Photography portfolio on the "Photos" page.

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